I’m one of the lucky ones. I say that because I truly believe the most fascinating and influential aspects of technology are found at the intersection of design and engineering.

That's where I live.

In my role, I exchange information at the cross path of user experience and implementation, to ensure that we arrive with the nice experiences for others.

This collective body of work has served people on many levels, from internal product teams to major, national nonprofit organizations, and large enterprise clients as well.

For a detailed resume and updated portfolio, please send a message.

Screen capture of Data Explorer on IBM Cloud Pak for Security
Data Explorer
IBM Security

For the Data Explorer application, I built several client facing features that enable security analysts to perform their jobs. These features inlclude the ability for analysts to toggle and view raw data, along with the ability to export that data in several file formats.

React, Redux, NextJS, Sass, microservices
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Screen capture of Case Artifacts on IBM Cloud Pak for Security
Case Artifacts
IBM Security

In a separate area of the IBM Cloud Pak for Security platform, I implemented the UI for the entire artifacts experience. This enabled our users to add artifacts of interest to a case, a critical functionality in their daily workflows.

React, Redux, Sass, microservices architecture
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Screen capture of Experience Guide
Security Experience Guide
IBM Security

The Security Experience Guide served as an internal, resource platform that provides research, marketing assets, and style guidance for the entire Security business unit. I shared this project with two colleagues, and we built the entire platform in four months.

React, GatsbyJS, Sass, Carbon design system
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Screen capture of Parkinson’s Foundation homepage
Full website build
Parkinson’s Foundation

One of my first major projects as a Senior Web Developer was to build the new Parkinson’s Foundation website. I was the only dev resource on this project and this was my first time within the Drupal ecosystem.

PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Screen capture of AHA landing page
National events site
American Heart Association

For American Heart Association, a large part of my contributions involved supporting our Principal Web Developer in building out the landing pages, registration flow, and interactive participant center. Most of this project was built in Angular and CoffeeScript.

Angular 1.6, CSS, HTML, CoffeeScript
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Screen capture of the CMTA USA homepage
Customized theme
Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association

As the sole developer for this project, I built a custom Wordpress theme for CMTA USA. The complexity of this work involved integrating over 50 plugins, along with the need to create varying levels of permissions and access to the Wordpress backend.

Wordpress, PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript
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Screen capture of the IBM Whitewater tools page
Whitewater project

As a front end developer for the Whitewater team, I helped build the UI for an internal tooling and practices platform. I also contributed to our team’s custom, scalable design system that allowed us to move quickly while maintaining consistency.

NodeJS, Express, HTML, Sass, Handlebars
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Screen capture of MyIBM Mobile screens
MyIBM Mobile
IBM Design

In my very first major project, a fellow developer and I had to quickly learn React Native to build a fully functioning native app. Our design, implementation, and user flows inspired multiple product offerings for MyIBM Mobile.

React Native, HTML, CSS, Javascript
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