I’m one of the lucky ones. I say that because I truly believe the most fascinating and influential aspects of technology are found at the intersection of design and engineering.

That's where I live.

In my role, I exchange information at the cross path of user experience and implementation, to ensure that we arrive with the nice experiences for others.

This collective body of work has served people on many levels, from internal product teams to major, national nonprofit organizations, and large enterprise clients as well.

For a detailed resume and updated portfolio, please send a message.


These days, I use the craft of writing to explore themes and spaces that I deeply care about: family culture, career growth, and self-development.

Through personal storytelling, my goal is to help every day people like you and me, discover the hidden qualities in ourselves, so that we can have a positive impact on those around us and make the best of this journey, collectively.

Nothing I write is for me. This is all for y’all.

My work has found its way into awesome publications such as Smashing Magazine, The Startup,, and Better Marketing.


Growing up I was always fascinated with graffiti and any form of art that orginated from street culture. I remember sitting in the backseat of the family van, quietly admiring tags, murals and pieces that I‘d see while we drove around San Diego.

I was one of those kids in high school who kept a notebook of pieces, and would spend more time practicing lettering, arrows, and characters, than I would studying algebra.

More recently, I‘ve tried to reconnect with that passion of appreciating the same aesthetics within design. I‘d argue that this love for art never escaped me. And this is why I keep designers, illustrators, and makers in the network.

I know I have so much to learn when it comes to visuals and modern day tooling. Still, it‘s something I love — and so the following pieces are just a few samples of some ideas I've used in blogs or what not.

Nonetheless, I appreciate the the look. 🙏


In my spare time, I like to make things and work on side-projects. Whether it’s woodwork, DIY projects, or design explorations, I love using the creative side of the brain.

Close up illustration of someone using hand gestures
Family keys

wood, sand, & paint

Illustration of me holding a monitor

desktop speaker refinish, paint

Thumbnail of inconsistent branding images
The Dark Launch hoodie (dev)

idea, ink x moleskine

Illustration of child awake in bed
The Dark Launch hoodie (prod)

sewing project, brother and fabric

Bench from the edge perspective
The 25 bench (edge)

4 x 4s + stain & glue

Illustration of me sitting on a couch, studying
The 25 bench (side)

same but w/ patio placement

Bookshelf in progress, made from wood
Bookshelf (commit)

plywood, screws, & glue

A pair of end tables
Hello world end tables

wood from Lowes + screws, dye, and gloss

Three gentlemen having a discussion at a table
Journey desk

all plywood everything

An illustration of me staring into a computer, looking confused
Learning table

hand-sanded-border-radius: 12px;

A map of the world, showing team distribution across countries
Gray Mint Moon cards

some text, an underscore, &

A close up of empty chairs in an assembly hall

photo blog mock-up, made in sketch

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