IBM Cloud Pak – Case Artifacts

track and manage security investigations by building a shared team narrative.

Case artifacts screenshot


Business: IBM Security
Role: Front End Developer
Time: Nov 2018 – Jun 2020
Technologies: React, Scss, es6, Jest

Problem space

As part of an organization’s security infrastructure, it’s mission-critical to have the right tools in place.

One piece of this larger puzzle is case management and incident response, which are the activities where security teams track, resolve, and respond to incidents.

Our team’s goal was to design and build seamless user experiences, to help security workers navigate build cases as they investigate incidents that happen within their org.

The solution

The Artifacts experience allowed customers to build and share findings from investigations, that ultimately help build narratives around security incidents.

The app came with robust functionality and nice micro-interactions to help security analysts in their workflow.

My contributions

  • - I built Cases Artifacts experience using React and Redux
  • - I was the only dev team member out of Austin (everyone else was in Europe)
  • - Collaborated with primary designer to reimagine the Artifacts experience
  • - I published a Smashing Magazine story based on my expereince with this team
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Team construct

I worked on the Security Design team, as a Front End Developer. The Cases team, however, was mostly an engineering team, based in Germany and Ireland. (I was the only Front End Dev based in the US).

We leveraged agile practices and design thinking to power our workflow. Our core group was comprised of:

  • - 2 Product Owners
  • - 1 Engineering Manager
  • - 8 Engineers
  • - 2 Front End Developers 👏
  • - 2 Product Designers