IBM Cloud Pak – Data Explorer

connect data from separate security tools to streamline threat management.

Data Explorer screenshot


Business: IBM Security
Role: Front end Dev / Design Lead
Time: Nov 2018 – Jun 2020
Technologies: React, Redux, Scss, es6

Problem space

The vast world of cybersecurity is very fascinating, and it’s one that directly involves every single human on the planet.

These days, it’s very common place for businesses to have multiple security tools, to manage their organization’s infrastructure.

Think about this from our own perspective – how many apps do you use to manage, say, your finances? Just one? Or do you have multiple?

(If my guess is correct, you might have more than one app or account, to manage some part of your personal finances.)

The Data Explorer application, which is a part of a larger suite of IBM Security tools, aimed to solve this problem of multiple security tools providing disparte, inconsistent data.

The solution

A platform tool that integrates with other IBM Cloud Pak for Security applications, and leverages connections to unify your own organization’s data.

My contributions

  • - As Design Lead, I presented monthly updates and roadmap to executive stakeholders
  • - Built responsive narrative views and empty/download states
  • - Contributed to building app specific components and adding them to Storybook
  • - Improved team happiness by 1 point
Laptop in the dark

Team construct

The Data Explorer team was mostly an engineer-based team, spread across Canada, Taiwan, and the United States.

We used agile practices, along with design thinking exercises to drive our work. Our core group was comprised of:

  • - 1 Product Owner
  • - 1 Sr UX Designer
  • - 6 Engineers
  • - 1 Front End Lead
  • - 1 Design Lead / Front End Dev 😬