Qiskit Textbook Beta

it’s almost like I’m using a textbook, but it’s more interactive.

Qiskit Textbook beta hero img


Business: IBM Quantum
Role: UX Engineer, mentor
Time: Jan 2021 – present
Technologies: Nuxt, Web components, Vue, Scss, es6, Cypress

Problem space

Have you ever taken a course on quantum computing? How’d that go? What was the format you took course in?, and how much of that knowledge have you retained?

These are some of the problems our team hoped to solve, when we first set out to improve the experience built around the well-known, and highly-used, Qiskit Textbook.

The solution

An online, interactive textbook that provides a rich learning experience for quantum learners.

My contributions

  • - Core contributor for the Textbook Beta
  • - Owned and facilitated recurring team retros and dev planning
  • - Conducted code reviews and pair-programming sessions
  • - Played a role in team recruitment/hiring
  • - Solved long-standing bug that prevented data tracking for multiple projects
Qiskit Textbook beta hero img

Team construct

I work on a cross-functional, highly collaborative, geographically distributed team. TLDR; - we’re from all around the world, and we work well together.

We practice agile methodologies that make sense to us, and we go after problems that make life easier for our intended audiences. Although our team is a part of a larger community organization, our core group is comprised of the following:

  • - 1 Lead Designer
  • - 1 Lead Engineer
  • - 2 Sr Engineers
  • - 2 UX Engineers
  • - 1 Product Owner