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Business: IBM Quantum
Role: UX Engineer
Time: Jun 2020 – present
Technologies: Nuxt, Vue, Scss, Typescript, Javascript

Problem space

The world of quantum computing might only seem accessible to a select few. We often think that this field belongs to only scholars and researchers.

As a community team, we aimed to build a platform that encouraged people and connections, to support the world of quantum computing. Through Qiskit.org, our visitors are able to find out the latest events that are happening.

The solution

An online platform for the quantum computing community where they can find out more about upcoming events, local advocates, and learning opportunities.

My contributions

  • - Core member and author of front end code
  • - Synced w/ Lead Design on a weekly basis to ensure UX alignment and delivery
  • - Exceeded manager benchmarks 2 quarters in a row
  • - Owned and facilitated recurring team retro and dev planning
  • - Populated backlog, resolved issues, and conducted code reviews
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Team construct

I’m on a cross-functional, highly collaborative, geographically distributed team. TLDR; - we’re from all around the world, and we work well together.

We practice agile methodologies that make sense to us, and we go after problems that make life easier for our intended audiences. Although our team is a part of a larger community organization, our core group is comprised of the following:

  • - 1 Lead Designer
  • - 1 Lead Engineer
  • - 1 Sr Engineer
  • - 2 UX Engineers
  • - 1 Product Owner