IBM CIO – Whitewater Project

improving the lives for product teams around the world, through tools, practices, and people.

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Business: IBM CIO
Role: Front End Developer
Time: Jun 2015 – Jul 2017
Technologies: Node, Express, React, Scss, Javascript

Problem space

Think about how you empower your product teams to do their best work – what do you do? This is the northstar question that drove the Whitewater team.

Successful teams need three things: the proper tools, a set of best practices, and the right people.

Our mission was to research, design, and provide teams with a way to access and leverage a set of best-in-class tools.

The solution

The Whitewater platform was a web application that served as a one stop shop for tools and practices.

Users were able to learn about tools, request access for their teams, and learn about the latest workflows with each.

My contributions

  • - I was a core contributor for front end code
  • - Transformed the way IBMers work
  • - Worked w/ Slack team members, to form new Workspace across the org
  • - Conducted user research and synthesized data
  • - Our team got a shoutout from the CEO
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Team construct

Our team consisted of two small squads, split between Raleigh, NC, and Austin, TX. Our engineers and business leaders were sitauted in RTP, and the design team was based in ATX.

We used agile practices and design thinking, heavily. Our core group was comprised of:

  • - 2 Lead Designers
  • - 2 UX / Research
  • - 3 Full-stack Engineers
  • - 2 Front End Developers 👏
  • - 1 Product manager
  • - 1 Product owner