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Our story

A faithful believer, servant, husband, dad, dev, aspiring leader, creative, and husky owner.

I grew up all over the place — last time I counted, it was well over 15+ cities that we lived in since childhood.

Met my wife in December of ’06 and my world changed for the best. We’d end up moving to San Diego to start our lives together and begin a family.

The earlier chapters of my career were written in the non-profit education sector. As our family grew, I heard the calling to career-pivot into a whole new industry.

In 2014, I enrolled in a software engineering bootcamp. My wife and I relocated our family out California and we moved to ATX. That’s where I learned to code, established a new career, and fell in love with serving the world through tech.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed the work and overall journey into the this space.

A few quick facts

  • I spend a lot of time studying my faith with my wife & sons
  • Grew up with an insatiable passion for art
  • I love writing — it could be my shadow career
  • For years, I was an independent hip-hop artist
  • I’m a huge fan of boxing, but only as a spectator