Apr 07, 2023 | Friday

It’s time for a refresh

Every now and then I get the urge to start writing again. This time there’ll be less of a framework.

Maybe because it’s spring

Maybe cause it’s warming up in our region, and most things around us seem to be returning to normal, if there is such a thing still.

Could also be because our younger son has experienced his first decade, reminding us that time waits for not a single soul.

The frequency of rain has started to taper off — that’s weird to admit, considering where we live. In its departure, it leaves behind the super-bloom of nearby hills, mostly orange, yellows and a few spots of purples.

We haven’t seen wildflowers like these in prior years — not around these parts at least. Their appearance reminds us of the fields of Bluebonnets we used to see up in central TX hill country.

On our morning walks, I’m blessed to see the growing flock of our neighborhood bush birds. They’ll swarm in someone’s yard until one of them get startled, then they’ll all flap off in a rush and find another front-yard tree to perch on.

Life is abundant when you look.

It’s invigorating to notice and be amongst.

. . .

As I take in the changing of the seasons and the natural cycles of renewal, I can’t help but feel invited to grow in my own personal ways. I’m still very motivated.

I give thanks for it all on these morning walks — that’s where my prayers start.

A good percentage of the day is devoted to faith, or discussing our faith as a family. It‘s a beautiful place to be.

In countless ways, the spirit’s been renewed.

This observance has reignited me to respond accordingly; to use what we’ve been given, the graces bestowed upon me, and with those, seek new opportunities to serve others.

For those around me, I pray for your growth. I pray for your searches and petition prayers for your journeys.

That the dawn of new seasons bring a spark to your lives.