Brand Guides

Developing brand resource guidelines for better alignment in product, sales, and marketing.


When I joined the Security design team, they had just finished a huge rebrand for the entire business unit (worldwide).

A rebrand, at the global level, is non-trivial. Think of all the marketing presentations, demos, links, email signatures, and digital assets that needed an update – there was a lot of ground to cover.

With a short amount of time, and limited team resources, we need to figure out how to provide brand guidance for nearly 8,000 security workers across the business unit.

The original Security Brand guidelines
The original Security Brand guidelines


We designed and built a whole new guide that not only leveraged the latest Security branding, but also used modern application standards and the latest Carbon Design System components.

The new & improved Brand Guides landing page
The new & improved Brand Guides landing page


  • I was the only developer on the project (paired w/ a Sr. Designer)
  • From assignment to launch, it took us 6 months
  • Inspired Experience & Brand guidelines for all IBM Design business units