April 25, 2023 | Tuesday

A surprise by the waterfront

Day 3 of 7. After work, our family went for dinner at the waterfront, and found an unexpected surprise.

An unplanned reunion

On our second night in Tarrytown, we drove down to the water front where we decided to have dinner at the RiverMarket Kitchen as a family.

As we walked through this passageway connecting the back parking lot to the restaurant courtyard, I saw this metal signage for a company called Konica Minolta.

In an instant, I felt a rush of flashbacks and memories of my late Auntie Myrna — God rest her soul.

The Konica Minolta signage, on a stone wall
Capturing the Konica Minolta sign

My encounter with this photo hold several personal and spiritual stories on its own, so while I can’t get into the details here, I’ll just say this:

Auntie Myrna, lived in New York before she passed. My impression of her, growing up, was that she had a successful career in marketing; the one company I recall most vividly was this one, Konica Minolta.

When I was a kid, I remember how she would always send us corporate swag from this Minolta brand. I used to sift through our kitchen drawers and always find various items that she sent our family — anytime I saw that logo, it always brought back memories of her.

My aunt was such a go-getter. She had this undeniable energy about her, and I used to admire how fearless she was, no matter where she went.

Seeing this sign brought a sadness to my heart. I missed her. I took a photo and sent it to my family back home in California, and right away, they knew what it was.

My personal interpretation of running into this Konica Minolta sign meant that she wanted me to reach out to her children, my first cousins, while we were visiting.1

I texted them that night. I told them that ’while our time there was short, it’d be irresponsible of me to not reach out and let them know we were in town’.

Thank God that within 20 minutes, they responded.


1. Knowing how busy people can be with in their own lives, I was initially not going to text my cousins. But, seeing the sign from my aunt, I had no choice.