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What I’m up to

Several areas where I’m focusing. Most of these are personal, while others are work-related.


First and foremost, as a renewed follower of Jesus Christ, I dedicate a large portion of each day to studying my faith. This happens around the clock for the most part. I wholeheartedly believe that these lessons and practices lay the foundation of who I am, and I hope to always remain on this path.


Continuing with the same theme — as a family man, I’m currently devoted towards helping my wife and kids cultivate their faith. We pray daily and nightly, prioritize Mass, we pilgrimize our travels, and do our best to hold each other accountable to what we learn through our beliefs.

At work

I’m having a lot of fun working in open-source. On the technical side, I continue to learn more about the software development life cycle, specifically on the front end with technologies like Vue 3, the Nuxt 3 app framework, and Vitest.

Another area where I’m heavily focused is leadership. I’ve taken courses and have recently sought mentorship to level up in this area, and I’m hoping to soon apply what I’ve been learning as a Manager.


For years, I’ve been interested in learning quantum computing — this is an initiative that I’ll revisit every once in a while, but it always falls off due to other priorities. I’m following an online course and this’ll be the year where I actually make significant progress.

While I’m at it, I also plan to continue learning Python.