Quantum community


Building the world’s biggest quantum computing SDK w/ open-source code, events, and resources.


Quantum computing is an emerging technology that has the potential to influence and revolutionize various industries; however, it’s a complex field that requires specialized knowledge and expertise.

Developing software for quantum computers and simulators is challenging, and there are currently limited resources and tools available for quantum software development.

Qiskit.org illustration x Russell Huffman
Qiskit.org illustration x Russell Huffman

Our solution

Created by IBM Quantum, Qiskit is an open-source SDK for quantum computing that allows users to develop and run quantum algorithms on real quantum hardware or simulators.

The qiskit.org platform provides a wealth of resources for working with the SDK, and offers a variety of learning opportunities, including events, documentation, and a network of Qiskit advocates.


  • Core maintainer & author of front end code
  • Led several work-streams of UX & design effort
  • Consistently exceeded manager benchmarks for contributions
  • Owned & facilitated recurring team retrospective
  • Managed backlog, resolved issues, and conducted code reviews