Quantum education

Textbook Beta

An open-source, interactive quantum algorithms course supplement, for all learners.


When learning quantum computing, there’s a lack of accessible and comprehensive educational resources for interested learners.

Due to the complex and abstract nature of quantum computing, it can be difficult for learners to understand the fundamental concepts and apply them in practice.

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The Qiskit Textbook aims to provide a beginner-friendly introduction to quantum computing, as well as more advanced topics, using clear and concise explanations, examples, and interactive simulations.

By making quantum computing more accessible and understandable, the Qiskit Textbook seeks to enable the next generation of quantum computing researchers, developers, and enthusiasts.


  • Core contributor for the Textbook Beta
  • Owned & facilitated recurring team retros and dev planning
  • Frequent code reviews & pair-programming sessions
  • Played a role in team recruitment/hiring
  • Led the development task breakdown for several featuresets